2005 tomos targa

my friend was riding his new targa with me one day when we stopped at a red light and it just shut off...we were in a parkin lot for abou 30 minutes when i got it to start again....after that he revved the balls off of it and got back on and took off....well sort of....it seems that the first gear clutch isnt working because it isnt taking off any more...he has to pedal it to second gear and then go....am i right is it the clutch or what....i have a streetmate by the way

Re: 2005 tomos targa

if its new that shouldnt happen...the only (2) things i can think of that happened kinda close to that with mine is the pegs in the clutches come out and cause some damage or the black curved steel pieces under the spring fell out/broke.

Reguardless, you must take off the tranny cover, remove the clutch (right side) and check it out. If you don't know how, find someone in your area, thatd be expensive at a shop....wouldn't cost me more then a half hour and some spare parts but thats just me.

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