Honda Express throttle cable

Joseph Koester /

Some of my bikes have turn signals and some don't depending on the year of my bikes. I want to convert all my bikes to non-turn signal bikes. To complete this task I need to remove the throttle cable from the handle bars. Noplace in my shop manual does it explain how to remove this cable. Can anyone help?

Re: Honda Express throttle cable

steveintoronto /

pull off the grip, if it's old and hardened you'll have to cut it off and replace it. once the grip's off you'll see quite clearly how it all works at the throttle end.

detatch the slide (opposite) end of the throttle cable where it meets the carb- make sure you don't lose the spring that's inside when you do this. it's under a pretty good load and may try to get away from you.

once all of the tension is off the cable the throttle end all comes apart really easily by removing 2 or 3 screws. just pay attention to how you took it apart so you can rig it all up again once you've removed the signals.

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