Honda Express Trans Oil

Joseph Koester /

I want to change the transmission oil on my Honda Express NC50. My shop manual tells me where the plug is, however there arn't directions explaining how to complete the process. Can anyone help?

Re: Honda Express Trans Oil

Edward Edwards /

The shop manual I have says there is a plug in the front and in the bottom middle of the trans case. It takes 0.79 U.S. quart (0.75lit.) 10W-40 motor oil................ped58

Re: Honda Express Trans Oil

Joseph Koester /

Thanks ped58, you've been a great help.

Re: Honda Express Trans Oil

I had the same problem.

When you see where it is you'll kick yourself for asking.

Just behind the left foot peg, you'll find a 13 or 14 mm bolt head. This is where you refill it from and the bottom of this hole is also the height it needs to be up to.

The manual I have also says 10w30 but I've been told to use 30 weight non-detergent oil instead. In the cold the 10w30 can be so thick it can knock 10mph off the top.

Hope this helps.

I have become a sort of expert on these so ask me if you need any help.

Remember to never take the trans case off unless you really really need to. It's a bugger to put back on.


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