Puch hi torque top end with no numbers

Going through a parts box and came across what APPEARS to be a Maxi hi torque head and jug. It has the correct number of fins, color of paint, shape of the bottom of the head where the gasket should go. However, the reference book I have says this head had no gasket, identifies the top as either a #11, 22 or 33 but there are NO NUMBERS on either the jug or head, and the brand new piston in the box is for a Maxi 38.0. Another source says that this particular engine has no replacement pistons anymore. So the question is whether or not this IS a hi torque top end and, if so, is it any good with the 38.0 piston or is it a waste of two items? Has anyone had success using a replacement piston with one of these cylinder heads?

Re: Puch hi torque top end with no numbers

Ben Van Zoest /

No profile on you. First of all what do you want to do sell the stuff??

Re: Puch hi torque top end with no numbers

Not looking to sell anything at this time, though that could certainly change in the future. Just trying to find out if this is what I think it is and whether or not I can actually use it on my other bike.

Re: Puch hi torque top end with no numbers


Replacement pistons are definitely availible for Puch engines. 38.0mm is the standard bore for this motor. Now- you say that this looks like the Hi-Torque top end, but has no numbers. Have you measured the cylinder bore? Does the cylinder have the cast iron sleeve? Puch logos on it? I guess it is possible you have an old cylinder made by a 3rd party is there are no puch part numbers on it.

You shouldn't have a problem with the piston working if the jug is the correct bore. The hi-torque head uses no gasket, and is made to increase compression from the regular head. The piston you have, does it have two square rings, or one sqyare and one L ring? Is there a number on that?

You know where to look for a number on the jug right? Should be in a little circle on the top where the head goes over.

Re: Puch hi torque top end with no numbers

Lots of questions.

No, have not measured bore.

Yes, it has Puch markings just like all others I have seen, but NO numbers anywhere!

Yes, I believe it is a cast iron sleeve. It is significantly heavier than the others. (I could be incorrect about this, but I don't think so. I also noted that the porting design is much different from the two lo torque tops I have.)

Piston is still in its original box and plastic wrapper, is NOT a Puch manufactured part but an aftermarket one and it looks like it has two square rings.

Yes, I have seen numbers on every other Puch piston and/or head I have looked at and, believe me, I have thoroughly(!) looked at this multiple times, in bright sunlight, with and without glasses and magnification and there is NOTHING in the way of numbers. I have gone so far as to hunt in places that I have NO expectation of finding numbers in the attempt to eliminate all prospects.

If you have any other ideas, please let me know. After all the confusion, I re-examined the exploded engine view on page 19 of my Puch 80-84 Service Manual and still contend it looks like the hi torque model, just with no numbers on it.

Damn puzzling if you ask me.

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