Honda Pa 50 II 1983

i'm trying to locate the points on this moped and can't seem to find them. I've removed the cover on the right side where the wheel thats magnatized covers the coils. Am I lookingin the correct spot or are they on the opposite side behind the drive belt?

Any help would be great. The book shows them where i'm looking. They just are not there.

Re: Honda Pa 50 II 1983

Jason Luther /

thats where they are, under the magneto flywheel. do you really know what you are looking for (serious question)?

Re: Honda Pa 50 II 1983

steveintoronto /

there should be a round thing with holes in it (flywheel) that spins arounad freely. when you look through the holes in certain positions you'll see two coils of copper wire (ignition and lighting coils) and a small silver thing (points) that snaps open and shut as the flywheel is driven by the pedals.

Re: Honda Pa 50 II 1983

Edward Edwards /

There are no points on an '83, it's a CDI system.............ped58

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