peugeot 103 won't idle

Bill Monahan /

I have a 1980 peugeot 103 moped that i can't get to idle. I cleaned the carb (gurtner carb) but could not find an idle jet. It runs o.k. and cruises about 20 to 25 mph but won't idle. Does anyone have any experience with a peugeot with same problem?

Did they make different models of the 103 as far as speed goes. I don't know what to expect from this. It has about 1000 miles on itaan all electricals work great.


Re: peugeot 103 won't idle

hello, the idle on the gurtner carb is controlled with a screw on the right side that has a spring around it to keep it steady. the tapered end creates a stop for the slide assembly so if you screw it in a bit the slide it adjusts the idle higher by keeping the slide from going all the way down. if the bike is on its stand the idle should be set so that the rear wheel does not spin while idling. it is knurled so you can usually adjust it without a screw driver. hope this helps.

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