engine flooding or something

i know that Suzuki FA50s get no love at this site... but my girlfriend is short and it was the best thing I could find that (she could sit on and touch the ground) before her birthday. Pretend it's a bike you like.

I think it's flooding itself. The problem appears to be something with the carb. I bought a rebuild kit, thhere was only one peice I was not able to replace, and that's the cylinder that the float needle fits into. The float needle itself I was able to replace.

I can get the bike started on the first kick, and then try to keep it alive by adjusting the choke or giving it more gas, but after a max 30 seconds of idling it just dies. And then I can't get it started back up for a while.

The carb has a drain stem, so if it gets too full, and the float valve is not working, it should empty itself enough to not drown. That leads me to believe that it's functioning properly, but just delivering too much gas to the cylinder.

Is this just an adjustment issue between the air screw and the throttle screw? I don't exactly understand how the air screw works, or what I need to accomplish with the adjustments of these screws.

I have a service manual that suggests a certain number of turns out from the bottom for each screw, so I think I have it adjusted correctly. But here's a stupid question: when a manual refers to "1 turn", does that mean a full 360 degrees, or just 180?

Also, is there a possibilty that an oil pump on a bike like this can deliver too much oil? I can't figure out how that is controlled. There doesn't seem to be a setting. Maybe the bike is drowning itself in oil.

Thanks for help!


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