peugot 103

Bill Monahan /

Where can I buy a new fuel valve for my 1980 Peugeot 103 moped. It has been sitting inside for about 20 years. I also need a few other things so who deals in these parts?

Re: peugot 103 and both have a bunch of parts. Email or call steves, theres nothing on their site.

Re: peugot 103

ebay, baby. although some other brands used the same engine and you may be able to use their parts. i have seen a batavus mondiale with the identical motor for instance.

Re: peugot 103

the best source for peugeot parts is handybikes...he has everything

Re: peugot 103

Make sure to ask for BJ -- he's their moped expert. He is extremely helpful and they have a ton of parts.

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