name that carb!!

Can someone tell me what ped uses a carb like this?


Re: name that carb!!

my bet from looking at the #'s 1/12/315 is a Bing from a Puch, from a 2hp mkii magnum sport, newport, main jet either 56/58 or 64

Re: name that carb!!

I was thinking that it was off something fairly old. Maybe it just looks like an old style. it's off a Puch - I guess.

Re: name that carb!!

mopedwhisperer /

That bing was used on very early sachs engines installed in different moped manufactures mid 50s to early 60s. I have a 54 triumph FIPS moped with that carb.....nice piece! steel wool is oiled and stuffed in that little box chamber on back.

Re: name that carb!!

Thanks mopedwhisperer. I'll take that as the definitive answer. Next question...can I get replacement parts? It's missing the float, slide and idle screw.

Re: name that carb!!

George Smith /

ive got that same carb, nos from a jawa in the early 80s :P so many manufacturers use it. Just go on ebay and look up bing carb and check back 3s etc :)

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