Clean Gas Tank - Negrini

I have a 1979 Negrini Moped with a Morini engine. I have the bike running now but the gas tank keeps putting out too much rust. The result is the bike stalls too much and isn't reliable.

I want to know the best way to clean the tank. The problem is the tank is part of the bike frame so it can not be removed.

Any suggestions?

I could also use a new filter that fits into the gas tank if anyone knows where I can get one.

I have already added a fuel line filter.

Re: Clean Gas Tank - Negrini

i just got the inside of mine sandblasted and it is beautiful, all the rust is gone

Re: Clean Gas Tank - Negrini

you can buy a brand new negrini tank from cosmo motors

Re: Clean Gas Tank - Negrini

Walter Kravitz /

I think the problem is it is an in-frame tank and it can't be replaced. I'd go with taking it to a pro to get it treated then sealed.

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