idle speed for maxi?

should the rear wheel still rotate when on stand? is this an idle adjustment or cluch problem?

oh and while your here is choke on when rod pulled out or in?

Re: idle speed for maxi?

ir sepwnds on how fast your whell is moving my lx the wheel dont move whicj is how i like it cuz if the wheel moves when you stop at a light your most likly ging to stall the moped and thats a idle problem

the only way a clutch would do that is if its brand new or not the right one cuz hen the pads wear down it takes longer to ingage srry if this is breife and not really helpful....

Re: idle speed for maxi?

just feel it man, it shouldn't move or barely move when on the stand, if its too high youre just burnin gas and puttiing strain on the engine, too low is bad too. Mine spins a little but very slowly

Re: idle speed for maxi?

ok sorted now with some fine adjustment to idle screw

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