puch maxi headlight stopped!

i need some help with my ped. Everythign works fine except for the headlight. I we3nt really fats into a trail once night and heard a loud SNAP or somehtign and my light went out. Since then ive gotten it to work manhy times by just adjusting the connectors or shaking the healdight around but now im stumped. The bulb it still fine and i replaced all the metal connectors and im still not gettin anything...any help would be so great, thanks

Re: puch maxi headlight stopped!

Check the out-put of your magneeto (flywheel) with a voltometer. Make sure it's 6V or 12V (depending on your setup) and that it's not higher. Sometimes, if the points begin to wear in your generator the speed of your motor can create spikes in the output of the magneeto. This happened to me on my old Kreidler MP9.

You have to check the output when the ped is running... Place a ground to ground and use the red-hot wire to connect to hot-wires on the bike to make sure everythings getting juice.

You can get one for like 15 bucks at a parts store, and some stores even lend them out for a couple bucks a day.


Re: puch maxi headlight stopped!

my headlight and speedo bulb stopped working too! i have to check up on that tomorrow. i doubt its a blown bulb. becuase of one isnt working the other should still be working. i looked at the wiring. it looks ok. i havent cracked the headlight open. oh dear god dont let it be the lighting coil. im selling this thing and i need it to be in tip top shape

Re: puch maxi headlight stopped!

Actually, it's very possible for one to go out as a result of the other... they share the same ground and power wires.

The bulb went out in my speedometer, but the wires in the bulb were touching and this shorted things out so the headlight didn't work.

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