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Het there, everybody. i'm attempting to replace or repair my centrifical clutch on my Motobecane "Super 51" which has the 50cc motor (1977 vintage) I'm a fearin' on the correct way to remove it. It has a 3/8" square insert right in the middle and I've been told just to jam a socket extension in there and hit it w/ an impact gun (in reverse or clockwise since it has lefthanded threads) Is this right?? I'd hate to strip it out if this is not the case. Right now the clutch is locked up so, of course, I cannot stop it without stalling it. Please help me out. P.S I've given up on snowmobiling this year; so I gotta do something constuctive !!

Re: clutch removal

the 3/8" reverse threaded nut on the right hand side of the engine is correctly removed with a breaker bar or a impact driver.

However, this will reveal your magneto, not the clutch. The clutch controls your drive pulley and variator, and therefore is located in the vicinity of the belt, on the opposite or left hand side of the engine. You will need the proper puller tool to remove the clutch drum. Be also wary that you don't smach the grease fitting in the end of the crankshaft.

Re: clutch removal

Mike McScoutington /

once you get that far have a good time getting the whole clutch off if that is what you are looking to do. it took me about 40 min to get the 2 circlips and many spacers out last time i pulled a clutch. I want to say that i have pulled a good 7 or 8 clutchs in my day. first time it took me something like 2 or 3 hours to get the damn clips out. i found that a percision needle nose pliers with the tips bent out a little is the best tool for the job. that is other than the real motobecane circ. pliers.

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