Please help me see light

I'm so close to having my moped at 100%, all I need is to finish figuring out the wiring. Thanks so much everyone already for getting me this far.

Front light works, however, nothing from the rear. I don't know what order the wires plug into the taillight (left-right), so that would be helpful.

Please help.

Thank you!


Re: Please help me see light

Man, I am gonna follow this thread because I have the same issue. I checked the following on my bike so far: Continuity from lighting wire to taillight, continuity of ground wire in rear fender, clean connections, good tight connections at terminal block to lighting coil wire from magneto, double ckecked brake switches, new bulbs. So far, still no lights. At most, got the taillight flickering for a spell, then nothing again. Check what others have suggested last month about this same problem. Hope you have better luck than I so far. Last suggestion was to check voltage at light coil wire from magneto with engine running. I am still wondering if the lighting coil per se is dead.

Re: Please help me see light

pretty please?

Re: Please help me see light

Is this what you needed?


Re: Please help me see light

Sorry, just noticed you don't have a Puch.

Re: Please help me see light

No, that's still of some help, Rick. Can you tell me what those wires would then run to? Thanks!

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