fuel leak on maxi?

going to take the carb apart 2morow what should i be looking for?

fuel leak on maxi?

Where is it leaking? Does it leak all the time or just when running?

I would look for a bad bowl gasket, stuck float. or a bad float needle tip.

Re: fuel leak on maxi?

not sure where leaking from at the mo going to have a proper look tomorow

looked like the feed pipe so i replaced, then looked like the feed pipe union bolt but i just tightened it a bit more and now not sure and got too dark so gave up till the morning.

this is my first ever rpair on a moped so sorry for any dum questions

is the bowl gasket the large one on bottom of carb?

how do i tell when if i have a stuck float when taken apart?

what does a bad needle tip look like?

Re: fuel leak on maxi?

is there any info on the net on how these bing carbs work inside as im not sure apart from the obvious adding air and gas to the cylinder?

Re: fuel leak on maxi?

Yep, the bowl gasket is the one around the big bowl at the bottom.

The float needle might need to be replaced if there is a wear ring around it from. It's a little rubber point tip and it might have developed a ring around it. If so, I would replace it and the piece that it seats in to. If your carb is not leaking all the time this probably isn't your problem though.

Check for a stuck float by checking to make sure that there isn't a bunch of junk in your float bowl. Also, make sure the float is able to pivot freely at the hinge point. Sometimes they can stick a little.

The carb works by allowing gas in through the needle valve to the float bowl. As the float bowl fills up, the float rises and this pushes the float needle tip in to the tube supplying the fuel, thus stopping the fuel flow. The gas is then drawn from the float bowl through the jet and mixed with air and sent to your engine. As the gas gets used the float sinks and this allows more gas to come in to the float bowl. They're fascinating little pieces of work, if you ask me.

Re: fuel leak on maxi?

many thanks for that great infomation, to now understand what im taking apart is realy going to help.

c u here same time tomorrow with a fixed carb or lots more questions

Re: fuel leak on maxi?

thanks for all your help, shes not leaking a drop now!

not sure what it was.... float was clean, pin was in perfect condition and not dirty

i think it was the float bowl as i was able to open it by hand so was probably not making a seal with the gasket

Re: fuel leak on maxi?

Great! Thanks for the update. It's nice to see when something goes right!

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