Moped Problem

I rode my tomos, and as it is speeding up, it just dies out- holds back and doesnt want to go any faster, kind of makes this weird noise.... soundlike its dieing...? does anyone know whats wrong? i got 70cc kit and everything one it, EVERYTHING so it should go faster .. PLEZ help..

Re: Moped Problem

Did you upjet? Mine does the same sort of thing, and all I have is the bi-turbo exhaust on it. I need a bigger jet, and think that will fix it. See, i'm getting too much air and not enough fuel. Try holding thr choke down to where it almost locks down. That should do it. If not, then I don't know what it is. The plug might be fouled.

Re: Moped Problem

heres what i got on mine:

1. 70cc airsal kit

2. techno gas exhaust

3. 31 front sproket,rear torque sprocket, racing chain

4. perfromance carb, filter,jet

5. Stuffed crank case

6. performance intake

7. Nitrous- hooked up to carb

8. Boost port- drilled on piston

all these are safe- nitrous i never used cause it blow the engine if not running with the right lubercants. I have a #68 jet in my carb. , should i have a differnet jet? upjet? a biggar jet? what siizes should i have?

Re: Moped Problem

I might know the problem...

I added a boost port onto the piston. boost port is a little hole to increase fuel... allot of power added....... so i might need a way biggar jet then 68.... what do you think?

Re: Moped Problem

Fixed problem. I put a new plug in, and got a #74 jet, way biggar than my old one. Runs so much better..

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