removing a crank arm

alright, I posted on here a while back about removing a crank arm and made a fool of myself. Now, I have tried removing the screw with both the tap of a hammer and the clamp and socket trick someone told me about. Both with no luck. Any more sugestions? Thanks.

Re: removing a crank arm

its really easy,

heat the end of the crank arm that has the peg in it with a torch unitl it gets nice and hot. then just tap out the peg

Re: removing a crank arm

Jason Luther /

dont get it too hot though, or else you might fry the seal

Re: removing a crank arm

did you support the arm and shaft with anything?

Re: removing a crank arm

hold pedal in your hand, make sure everything is lined up at a 90

Re: removing a crank arm

Use the hammer to pound the pin in farther before trying to pound it out. Driving the pin in farther, just a hairs breth, will break down or the bonds of rust or whatever that has the pin stuck in place.

The opperative word here is pound, not tapp.

Re: removing a crank arm

Thanks all. I guess I'll have to get a little more agressive with and try adding some heat.

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