Puch-engine cuts in and out

1 am, 10 miles from home, I leave my friends house. He leaves as well for a booty call from his girlfriend at the time. Im heading home, about a quarter of mile into my journey, my moped starts cutting in and out. It felt as if my spark plug was the issue, i checked it out, everything looked fine, and i cleaned the carb thoroughly, still acting up. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS HAPPEN TO THEM BEFORE, IF SO, ANY DIAGNOSIS' WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Thank You!

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Jason Luther /

ran out of gas

Re: Puch-engine cuts in and out

check carb bowl and fuel line for obstructions

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Plenty of fuel in the tank, and the carb is immaculate, the bowl is clean and the jet is clear, the air filter is cherry, the spark plug is new.

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Re: Puch-engine cuts in and out

Smitty Smith /

My next guess would be electrical. Check the horn switch and ensure that it is always properly grounded. Puch's have a funky wiring system. I'd check all of the electrical connections, as you may be intermediately loosing spark?

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Ben Van Zoest /

Spark plug cap and wire, drove me nuts too...Got new piece cap and wire from a lawn mower shop. Ran perfect since.

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mopedwhisperer /

You said everything "looked fine" did you try a NEW plug to rule out the spark plug as the cause ? Check point gap...... put small amount of quality grease on points rub block so they won`t close up again or if the little felt sponge is there that R/C car hobby oil works good or two stoke oil ....hah Check horn wires first!!!!

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mopedwhisperer /

I see you got a new plug....oh yea those puch wire juctions can get a little crusty...tighten those little wire clamp screws (not to tight) did the bike get wet (horn)... plug those horn leads together for a quick test. Good luck...

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Troy Brown /

horn switch was my problem, took it off& redid the wires cleaned it & in 5minutes you have a horn switch you know shold work.

Thank You

Awesome, thats a good bit of troubleshooting for me to dive into, now I'm waiting for a warm day to tackle all of these suggestions. Thank You all again, I'm appreciative of any suggestions!

Re: Thank You

Your troubled Puch might have the same problems as my

VS 50 Dk had this autumn.

I just needed a fuel filter,as some dirt were moving up and

down in the petrol-cock,and blocking/unblocking due to the

angle of driving.....

Moving dirt is really some shit!!!

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