F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

Just picked up a peugeot 103, and do not want to clean/rebuild this god damned Gurtner ever again, ive already chem dipped it three times.

Any recommendations for a replacement? The bike is stock, but won't be that way for long. It is also my only mode of transportation at the moment, and I don't have the cash to kit it out right now. So, recommendations on a stock non French carb replacement....let me hear em.

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

i think dellortos fit.

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

John Joedicke /

PooJoes and MBK's have a similar layout for there carbs. There was a discussion a while ago about someone here doing a dellorto conversion. You will have to seach.

calm down and explain yourself

its not the carb's fault it gets dirty dude. you obviously have a bunch of shit in your gas tank. a new carb wont fix that. You will have the same problem.

what is wrong with your current carb EXACTLY

Re: calm down and explain yourself

No seriously, Gurtner's are often crappy. The peugeot one was designed in the 1940's, or at least it could have been.

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

Nah, my tank isnt dirty at all, its actually the exact oposite.

The thing about the gurtner is that it is really hard to clean. The design of it is just stilly, most of hte parts are on the outside, and the float(which I think is my problem at the moment) has the needle built into it.

I've had dellortos on all of my other mopeds/italian scooters, and mikunis on the dirtbikes I used to race. This design is completely foreign, and I dont like it. I guess that is really where my frustration lies. Plus, it's small and super hard to get into the passageways. I would normally shoot air from my compresser through the whole thing, I cant do that with this guy. I think I'll go get some canned air from the computer store and try that, although I don't know if the PSIs will be high enough.

I'm not even sure this thing would even be ok to use as a paperweight, it would probably fall off the stack.

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

yes but dude. you said you have chem dipped it 3 times right? why are you chem diping it? because its clogged?

If it is clogged that is because you gas tank is dirty. carbs dont just get clogged on gas. there has to be dirt, rust or something stuck in the jet.

I agree with you gurtners suck, they are very hard to get to/work on on moby's too. but.......

that doesnt mean it isnt usable. it sounds to me like you need an in-line fuel filter and a loop in your gas line.

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

I've chem dipped it three times because it wont get clean enough to run properly. In theory, you should be able to drop a carb into chem dip and it will come out cleaner than it has ever been. This has been my experience with every other carb I have ever dipped. And yes, I agree that it should be usable. I am however fed up with cleaning it over and over and having it still act like it is clogged up.

Yes I know that carbs don't clog on gas, but im telling you this tank is freaking spotless, that and I am running a new inline filter. Probably should have mentioned that...oops.

Whatever, I'm over it, this whole ordeal just took kitting this bike off the back burner, and put it right into the flame.

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

Martin Orwinski /

Are you sure that the carb is the problem?

It might be the condensor's fault... and I heard that peugeot's condensors are problem prone too. (mine was)

I had a prroblem with a Peugeot 102 that looked like a carb problem. ie no power, sort of clogging down, eventual misfires.

Have you checked the spark plug, is it fouled?


Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

It is most definately a carb problem. I've checked everything else. Plug is fine, points are good, condensor is good, good spark, timing is dead on...

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

yeah, i've heard to go with the dellorto too. i have a semi dirty carb, but no big problems so far. i have a spu3

Re: F$@# this Gurtner piece of S*&%!!!!!!

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

oh, that's a 102 spu3

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