Puch Issue

Got few questions maybe somebody can help me with , I change d out my Crank on my Puch, due to wear on crank bushing. Ok reassembled the motor and reinstalled the motor hooked everything up. then put in a fresh plug and gas. then tried having a

heart attack by starting it, nothing got one pop and that was it.

check for spark is their, check my wiring for good connection. it all seems to be fine. Even check the horn it was ok. I did clean the amal carb with carb cleaner. just think im missing something.I checked the gap on the points was .016mm like the book says to do. Only other thing is if i put the piston in upside down which is possible but its to late in the day to check that right now. if anybody can suggest anything else to check would be great.


Re: Puch Issue

just put a new kit on today..... from what i heard any arrow on piston should face exhaust ports on side of piston should face intake......

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