Motobecane Magneto help

I need help with the internal wiring of a post 78 motobecane magneto and determining whether the parts are still functioning. Do the wires coming from the exciter coil and the condenser both just connect along with the grey wire to the coil at the points terminal? If so, should there be any resistance to ground when the points are open? Is there a simple way to test whether or not the coil/condenser has shorted out? (if anyone has an internal wiring diagram for the magneto, that would be immensly helpful)

Re: Motobecane Magneto help

You should be able to disconnect the grey wire from the ignition coil. In that state, with the points open, there should be infinite resistance to ground.

Both of the mag coils have a very low resistance.. less than 1ohm, IIRC.

The condensers are a common problem. If you haven't already replaced it, you might as well go ahead and do it - you're going to need to anyway, soon enough.

I have an internal diagram for the pre-78 bikes, but not the later models. And of course, they are different.

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