Sachs Wheel Bearing

OK, I got some new wheel bearing from Contentional Cycles for my 1978 Columbia Imperial. The brakes are sqeueeking front and back, more of a grinding. Anyway, I figured it was the wheel bearings because the pads are great.I have the Owners manual for this bike, gave them this # SU-755-001-084-1. What I got was too small to fit in the hub. I had already taken the old ones out, but messed one up in the process. Now where can I get this Bearing, Here is the number on it 6202RS-Genbearco. Any help would be great.

Re: Sachs Wheel Bearing

hey, if you drop 1977 mopeds a line, if they don't have the part they should be able to get it for you. They have helped me out with some sachs parts recently and got me exactly what I needed. Check em out.

Re: Sachs Wheel Bearing

The 6202 rs is a very common bearing used in yamaha and honda as well as others.Just google them and you'll see any of those bike dealers will have it, also ebay or any bearing warehouse near you,

be aware rs means one rubber seal 2rs means two seals you need one seal.If you can only find 2rs ones pop out the seals and with brake cleaner not carb. cleaner blow out all the oil or grease "dont let the bearing spin"and repack the bearing with synthetic wheel bearing grease and put one seal back.HTH.jim

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