Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

Ok heres the deal:

There is very little voltage going into the coil, and none coming out.

Points are clean.

Gap is set pretty good.

Engine is flooding becasue there is no spark.

What do i do now?

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

Oh yeah, it was making a loud popping noise when i would try to start it, but it doesnt do that anymore.

And when it used to run, it would make that popping noise once it warmed up. One day, it was doing that, and it died, and I never got it started again.

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems


Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

maybe the popping was related to the coil going in and out. unlit fuel could build up and cause backfiring/popping when the spark lit off. just an idea. good luck.

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

Do you have a NEW spark plug? NGK B5HS gapped at .020" usually are pregapped right out of the box.

Spark plug cap screwed onto the spark plug wire securely?

Inside of spark plug cap free of dirt and corrision? Electric contact spray is useful in cleaning old wiring and inside of spark plug caps.

did you drain old premix and put in new fresh premix?

Points set "pretty good" ? I suggest cleaning them with a metal nail file and Electrical contact spray and then set them to .016"

Is the black or blue ground wire connected on the right top side of the engine (iginition ground)

You may need new points, condensor (and a flywheel puller)

All switches set to "Run"?

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

Premix is new.

Points are in good condition.

Plug works, not new though.

Plug cap is new, so its not dirty.

Could the coil be bad? And if so, how do I know?

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

i'm not sure about testing coils with a meter. the best way to know if your old coil is bad is to get your hands on one you know works, install it and see if your problem is solved.

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

Are coils fairly universal? Meaning I could try to borrow one form a friend, even if their moped is a different make?

Re: Vespa Bravo Igniton Problems

Bruce Wilkinson /

Have you checked the spark ? Take out the sparkplug, put the ignition wire back on the plug.Wear a glove or use a gag and hold the metal hexagon part of the plug against the the cylinder head fins. With the bike on the stand ,have a friend peddle the moped with the motor engaged. Watch the plug and see if it sparks. It's best done in a dark garage or at night.If it sparks then it shouldn't be the coil. Buy a new plug like zippy said, they can look fine but not work right.

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