deglazing brake drums with what grit?

small axe /

Hey I need to deglaze the drum linings on my brakes what kind and grit of aluminum oxide sandpaper should i use. I have a 1978 puch maxi.

In this ebay auction that chris mopedwarehouse had for new puch brakes he includes:

"2 Aluminum oxide abrasive strips (not pictured) to be used to deglaze drum lining. Do not use sand paper!! Sand paper is comprised of silicone which does more damage than good to your brake system."

So what do you think I should use? Right now i'm thinking just plain old 150 grit alum oxide sandpaper should work. Any opinions?

Re: deglazing brake drums with what grit?

John Joedicke /

Any coarse grit.80 or 120

Re: deglazing brake drums with what grit?

I use whatever I have on hand, you don't want to polish the lining so the courser the better, 200 would be about as fine as I would go, I don't see why silicon would hurt it but it's not going to cut very well so why bother? so as course of alluminum oxide as you can get should work fine for the iron lining, and then I use a corse paper, or a wood rasp on the brake shoes to expose new fresh pad.

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