spark problems once again

ok well i have a 1996 ttlx with the A35 with the CDI unit installed. i have went though everything checked my compression it was 155. new spark plug, checked to make sure the coil wasnt shorting out. checked every singal wire that should be hooked up and where it would go and everything is where it is suppost to be.

Now i know that the cdi units don't go bad often but could this be the case for me?

Re: spark problems once again

if you are saying there is no has to be the CDI ignition (thing attached to stator plate)...if you can get your flywheel off, look to see if any of those copper wires are just sorta hanging there (all should be tightly wound) or if it smells like electrical fire.

the green voltage regulator box and the little cylindrical relay don't actually have anything to do with the spark of the engine, so as long as the CDI and the iginition coil (black box attached to spark plug wire) are ok you should defintely have spark.

if you have GOOD spark, but its not starting, and you are sure its not your carb...its probably your timing. Other then that, you are looking at really out there reasons like crankshaft seal leakage or cylinder base gasket leaks (which don't affect psi...actually thats prolly only true on my engine...probably does affect psi on most engines)

Re: spark problems once again

umm thats called the stator buddy

Re: spark problems once again

my compression was 155 so i font think its gasket

ans as of the timming its apind on the cdi units

Re: spark problems once again

huh ryan?

The only reason i suggested the gasket is because i got a parma kit (no window in piston) and i had massive power loss but i had up to 200psi (few kicks). Turns out i had gouged the wall where the cylinder meets the crankcase and so air/oil could leak out of there freely. Air did not however leak out of the top of the cylinder (where you measure it) because without the transfer port/piston window. the gas/air never goes into the crankcase.

how it gets oiled? i have no friggen idea and im amazed it actually works.

Re: spark problems once again

ok well i dont care about what u did

Re: spark problems once again

Smitty Smith /

Actually, the air/fuel charge enters the crankcase under the piston, and, passes through the crankcase first, before it enters the combustion chamber, via the transfer ports. It is oiled from the mixture entering the crankcase first. In the Tomos reed valve engine, the charge enters both the crankcase and the cylinder, and is prevented from escaping back through the intake port by the reed shutting.

If you'll look, when the piston is near TDC, the "intake port" of the cylinder is opened and closed by the movement of the piston. The charge enters the crankcase underneath the piston, down the lower portion of the cylinder. As the piston is coming down, and the itake is shut-off, the mixture is then squeezed up through the transfer ports, on the top side of the piston, inside the combustion chamber.

Hope this helps.


Re: spark problems once again

im having spark problems not oiling problems

Re: spark problems once again

Well since you know so much about everything FIX IT YOURSELF!!!!


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