Directional signal bulb question

Hey Guys and Gals,

I put bicycle directional signals on my moped, the set is power by 8 C Batteries= 12V. Worked fine for around two months. Can not find any printing on bulbs indicating what they are.

Bulb in one unit burned out, the bulbs are the miniature, press in type.

Went to Auto-Zone and bought pair of 194 12V bulbs, not bright as the rest, bought pair of 193 12V bulbs, still not bright.

The batteries are fresh, all connections double checked and found okay.

What should the part number on the bulb should I be purchasing?

Thanks a lot,


Re: Directional signal bulb question

John Joedicke /

What about push inlow voltage lawn lighting bulbs (12V), also many colors available.

Re: Directional signal bulb question

Yo Double,

Thanks, I will look into it.

Re: Directional signal bulb question

replace those bulbs with LEDs you will get 10 times the battery life. you can find those LEds at the same store you bought the bulbs.jim

p.s. get the same color Leds as the lens.

Re: Directional signal bulb question

Hi Jim,

I have considered the LED bulbs, but my AUTOZONE and NAPA STORES do not carry them, but will got back to and ask the clerk if he can order them.

I have checked on the web and find them a bit pricey and I would prefer to see them first because my lens cases are very small, I want to make sure they will fit into them.



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