I'm Guessing This Is Bad

Here's a picture of my spark for my Honda Urban Express. I have an oil pump which I use. I'm guessing I've set the oil pump so that it pumps too much oil in my gas. Also, I stick spark plugs right out of the box in the moped without gapping it. Can someone explain the basic termology of gapping a spark plug? The picture isn't very good but there's a dull black coat cover the metal piece at the top, there's a bunch of crusty stuff on the edges, carbon I'm assuming and there's a lot of caked stuff on the first three threads.


Re: I'm Guessing This Is Bad

Oil pump out of adjustment could certainly do this. There shouldn't be any real engine damage done, though it would be a good idea to pull the head and see how bad it looks. Might have built up a lot of carbon, depending on how long it's been running like that.

Don't trust the gap on a new plug, always check and adjust it before installation. You can get a basic plug gap tool at AutoZone for a couple of bucks.

Re: I'm Guessing This Is Bad

I dont have any idea what legendre is talking about what i see there is a little to rich but fine in the pick. If your oil pump was pumping too much the plug whould be wet. Gapping a plug is just makeing the distand between what u called the metal peice on top the bar type thing witch is called an electrode and the bottem circuler part. witch i dont know what that is called ofhand. You make the "Gap" bigger ... or smaller witch is not dificult. Usualy a box that is not tamperd with is fine. Did your engine die? Because if it didnt sand paper inbetween the electrode and the bottem peice and put it back in because that is perfectly normal. DO NOT Take apart the head... I dont thing you know what your doing no offence. You are probaly just new to at least 2 stroke engines.

but if you feeling up to it knock yourself out. If you engine didnt die then there realy is no reason to do so. What type of bike do u have that will help us out and whats the engine type make year stuff like that any info u can give me and i can get information for you like what size gap your plug should have to run properly. If you dont know the exact size you should be running i sugjest you stop riding the thing becaseu if the gap is to big you will mess with your ignition coil and it will be harder to start.

Re: I'm Guessing This Is Bad

NGK R? Thats what i run in my 240hp jet Boat, which is a performance boat. You don't need an NGK (R) Series plug for a moped.... i wouldn't think?

Re: I'm Guessing This Is Bad

Sure they can. You could have a 1000 hp v12 engine running on the same plugs as a goped if they have the same heat range/gap/thread depth (which is fairly common when everything runs on the same type of fuel). NGK R is pretty standard when it comes to getting a decent plug.

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