peug.102 backfiring

just got this baby

got a new sparkplug for it does anyone know the gap for a 80 peug 102??

and what are the reasons for the backfiring


Re: peug.102 backfiring

it could be your spark plug, or your timing. i think they are gapped between 16 and 20.

Re: peug.102 backfiring

ok got sparkplug dialed but it is still backfire at almost full throttle

called the guy i got it from and said it never did that before yeah right wierdo

but any more suggestions would help

also pretty new at this so explain it in easy terms please

Re: peug.102 backfiring

If your sparkplug is too 'hot' or 'cold' it could effect the ignition timing slightly(?) Typically backfiring is caused by a jet being too lean. Have you messed with the air filter?



Re: peug.102 backfiring

air filter was torn and worthless where can i find another??

Re: peug.102 backfiring

Put it on stand rev it for 30 seconds with backfiring and then shut it down emidiatly dont let it idle.

CHeck your spark plug

Wight / gray TO LEAN lean- more air than gas


black TO RICH Rich= more gas tha air ( perfectly fine to ride )

The lack of an air cleaner will make it run lean because there is nothing to restrict the air to going right into the engine causeing there to be a little more air than usual more air =lean i am sure ur catching on.

This does casue backfiring

When you ride it and it starts backfiring pull the choke a little bit by little untill its stops if it doesnt stop untill the choke is basicaly pulled all the way in with the throtel still full Then it is another problem.

That problem being your points are not timed right.

points make spark i am not to up on the subject but right under the enginethere shoould be a round cover oposite the belt side. that is were they are located but hopfully it doesnt come to the points tho

Let me know what happennds on the things i told you to do i have a 103 so i am not exactly sure on everything that has changed but i know most of parts are the same let me know what you find or ne questions i will be happy to help.


Re: peug.102 backfiring

ok did the sparkplug test it was white so i opened it up a little more and it is still bac kfiring right from the carb? i as far as i can see there is no choke on this bike it starts up like a champ \

sorry i am such a novice here but thanks for your help


Re: peug.102 backfiring

YA you are running very Very lean if its wight... DOnt try and starti it any more untill you get that air cleaner on... but for one last test put your hand over the carb intake and get it to run right. Its no problem that your a newb its cool every body was at one time. bye putting you hand over you will make a choke but u know try like 1/4 over then keep going up at full throtel untill it stops backfireing at about 1/2 or so it should stop backfiring. but if u just keep gettin more and more and it stals befor it stops then you going to need to up the jet. It should be an air cleaner get a standard green air cleaner from Ne sears or walmart ... the foam kind not the paper. Cut it to fit you box. most some people think that more foam is cutting off more air. But the more foam you have the better it breaths. The max it can ever breath is no air cleaner. witch you have and obviously it cant handle it. What your going to have to do is fit as much foam in as you can make sure there is basicaly a seal you know no noticable holes like big ones so the air can get right to the carb but stuff as much in as u can by stuff i mean dont crumple up the air cleaner and fit like 5 fulll size ones in because that will fuck it. I mean fill it so the box can hold it cumpoftably. now if its still backfiring take some foam out. and keep taking some out if its backfireing untill it stops. THe less engine runing time you use up to fix the problem the less the wear on you engine is. Backfiring is not good and can stem from a couple of things lean being the most comon right next to bad timing. try what i have said and let me know

No problem ,Nick

Re: peug.102 backfiring

ok tried making a foam one but did not work so well

the old one was some homemade piece of crap so i guess i got to order one from myrons

i think it is a cone filter as well

any more ideas??


Re: peug.102 backfiring

it's a peugeot, the ignition usually sucks on them. talk to sean at myrons, he has some tricks for fixing peugeot ignition. my theory on peugeots is it is always the ignition, ha. sf is going to cdi

Re: peug.102 backfiring

man running tits now

took to myrons today it was ing points,, man was flying thru la today

hell yeah

Re: peug.102 backfiring

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

do you still have the stock carb on it? i have heard to use a dellorto like the one's in tomos peds. mine is a guntner and seems to hold up fine. anyone know where to get jets for a peugeot?

Re: peug.102 backfiring

try myrons

dude has alot of stuff and alot of puegoets

still has stock carb

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