JC Penney Pinto petcock

Anyone know where to get the right fuel petcock for a JC Penney Pinto?

I know the one that's on mine isn't right, but don't know what the right one looks like or where to find it.

Re: JC Penney Pinto petcock

See Ya Moped Army /

It should be the same a Puch. Chris at mopedwarehouse has them.

Re: JC Penney Pinto petcock

I know it's not the same petcock as a Maxi because the Pinto has a removable tank, different setup. Seems to me that it might be the same petcock as a Magnum, but I'd like to be sure before buying one.

Re: JC Penney Pinto petcock

Patrick Stover /

for the jc penny pinto, the petcock goes straight up from valve switch. The maxi has the valve switch that makes the tube that filters gas go sideways to go into the tank, then up once it is inside it. Gabe, you can use the petcock for the old style A3 tomos. they work perfectly for the pinto.

Re: JC Penney Pinto petcock

Perfect, thank you.

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