Honda Express SR CLUTCH MESS

OK, for all of you that own the 1981/1982 Honda Express SR NX50.

The clutch assmbly that goes over the shaft that does into the back wheel is DIFF BETWEEN THE TWO YEARS.

I have 81 and bought one off what we (me and seller) think is a 82. The bearing set up in them is diff from one year to the other. Unless you look real close at them you don't realize it till you try to put it on. I can only assume that they changed the way they did it at some point.

The bearing openings are diff sizes between them, the type of bearing they use if totally diff. The machined groove that holds the retainer clip for the bearings is in the 81, it is NOT in the same.

Good luck!

Re: Honda Express SR CLUTCH MESS

Weeeeeeeeell I picked up another Clutch assmbly from another 81 and it is diff then the one from my 81. Sooo I can only think things changed at some point early in the making of this model. I know for sure, 99.9% that mine was orig to the bike.

Re: Honda Express SR CLUTCH MESS

Tim, Mark here again. You have my email. I have a clutch that I bought a year ago on Ebay, if you give me the dimensions that I need to check it I will see if it is the one you need. I too bought a petcock on Ebay for a SR that was the wrong size. The petcock must also be different between the two years. I payed like $27 by the time I shipped it! LOL! Maybe you need that too.

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