Not getting gas

I've gone thru this JIKOV 2912 DC carb at least 5 times now. I'm getting kinda sick of it. I have spark, and compression, and everything is in order on the carb, but I just dont seem to be getting ANY gas to the cylinder. With the fuel line not attached to the carb, i have a steady gas flow, but when i attach it, the gas no longer flows through the tube, to the carb. ANY suggestions? I dont wanna give up on it, but I am about it. It will run for a few seconds on carb cleaner, and when i put gas into it manually.

Re: Not getting gas

steveintoronto /

is there a vent hole in your gas-cap? if there isn't, or it's clogged then there's too much pressure holding the gas in the tank when the system is 'closed.'

check it out, it's usually the simplest thing.

Re: Not getting gas

i think i figured it out... The float is getting stuck on the sides of the bowl when i put the bowl on, causing it to stick int he up position, causing it to not get gas.

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