Carb Trouble

I have a Jikov Carburator, on a jawa alicat. Its not getting any gas, even tho i cleaned the carb and took it apart etc. I think I may have re-assembled it incorrectly. Its not letting any gas into the carb. Something i think to do with the little gold rod, in the central carb, or the float. If anyone has a diagram of the Jikov carb (the one on a moped, not motorcycle)or info to help me, that would be great.

ANY help is appreciated,


Re: Carb Trouble

Ben Van Zoest /

Google for russian Jikov I saw some stuff that may help..

Re: Carb Trouble

John Joedicke /

Try You might find something in one of the manuals that can help you.

Re: Carb Trouble

moped bandit /

first off do some tests your self wipe were the gas goes in and blow on it...(float bowl disasembled) move the float up and down as you blow if when the float is out air can travel through u know your float works now blow up ur main jet the brass peice in the middle you should feel a little air going through if so that works and its ok. Also check the gasket around the bowl if you over tighten or undertighten or there is no gasket at all the carb wont work properly.( make sure there is gas coming out the line from the tank also...) Is there any gas in the bowl when you disasemble it??

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