Sachs clutch question

I have two sachs 505/1 has much better acceleration than the other. It feels like the slower accelerating ped has a clutch that is not engaging all the way, feeling almost like a two speed. I know it is not a two speed and am wondering what I need to do to remedy this problem to increase acceleration. Thanks.

Re: Sachs clutch question

new fiber plates in the clutch and rough up the metal ones a little.

You also may just be low on fluid- check by unscrewing the plastic plug on the side.

Re: Sachs clutch question

After setting stored in basement for 20 years, my 1980 Sachs Commuters clutch didn't work smoothly, the basement had flooded a couple times, getting to 24 inches of water in it and apparently into the clutch area, I drained out old and put in fresh fluid , worked a little better, after about 10 miles I drained the fluid and put in fresh again, worked better and finally about 15 miles later it works as smooth as silk.

It don't take much water/condensation to cause problems in clutch.

Re: Sachs clutch question

Thanks, my fluid is perfect, I guess I'll have to try the clutch plates.

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