Moped ideling too fast

hey there felow mopeders, i recently cleaned out the carbureator in my suzuki FZ50 as the motor would start but then konk out, now it works but idols too fast, how to i make it idol normally?

Re: Moped ideling too fast

there is a screw on the side of your carb.

Re: Moped ideling too fast

Yeah i tried that but it still is ideling to fast, it doesnt seem to have an effect

Re: Moped ideling too fast

Smitty Smith /

Try adjusting the throttle cable...or the throttle cable could be frayed, and catching somewhere, before it allows the carb back down to idle.

Re: Moped ideling too fast

I just rebuilt my carb today, and you have to be careful when putting the throttle back on. check that. it might be the little spring in thereor something.

Re: Moped ideling too fast

Walter Kravitz /

Probably a stuck throttle cable, maybe adjust the tension screw on the handlebars?

Re: Moped ideling too fast

my FA 50 starts up first kick every time, but then dies almost immediately and is done for the day. Next day I can start it again first kick. Not sure what's going on, unless it''s somehow flooding itself. Any ideas?


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