Motomarina Timing

HI Ive Been having some bachfiring from my carb latly so i cleaned every thing up but that did nothing so i asume that it is the timing dose any one no the right setting for a 88 motomarina sebring With a V1. Also dose any one no any easy way to Change the timing

Re: Motomarina Timing

steveintoronto /

there is no easy way as far as i know. i'm not sure whether your bike has an 'f-mark' on the flywheel to use as a rough guide, but as far as i know (never done it myself) it's something you do by feel. there are little guages out there, some work on with a strobe-light (sp?) and others with a tone, to help with fine-tuning, but i think that adjusting timing is a little more advanced than say cleaning your carb. good luck though! do you have a manual for your bike? if not then i'd suggest perusing the 'fred's guide' on the repair section of this site. it may be helpful.

Re: Motomarina Timing


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