1970's Honda CF70 starting problems

right well i've got hold of a Honda CF70. I can't remember the specific year of manufacture but it's 1970's for definite.

I have attempted to start it but can only get it to fire while being kicked over, and thats only while choke is on full. It won't idle at all. The throttle is free moving, the carburretor is filling with fuel propperly but it just doesn't seem to get the engine. I've had the whole carburrettor apart and cleaned it and that doesn't seem to be the problem. Also it occasionaly back fires during kicking it over which leads me to believe the valves may be sticking or the timing is out of sync? There is a healthy spark at the plug but i'm going to replace the plug to be sure so what number plug does the cf70 take? can anyone offer me some advice on this plase?

Re: 1970's Honda CF70 starting problems

If it backfires routinely and only operates while the choke is on full, it sounds like it has an air leak, blown seals, or perhaps needs a better filter? regardless the mixture is lean (ingesting too much air) throughout the RPM range. That's my 2 cents worth



Re: 1970's Honda CF70 starting problems

well i can't get it to start at all. It won't even idle at the momment.

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