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What does anyone recommend for the best switches? I want, lights (on/off & hi/lo), turn, kill, and horn. The standard Puch CEV round switches I don't particularly care for styling wise. I live the CEV switches that are on my Bat(plastic colored sliders) but I haven't seen a turn or hi/lo in that style. Tomos switches seem ok, but I want them CHEAP!

Re: Best switches

John Joedicke /

Mopedwarehouse has some right now. (Tomos)

Re: Best switches

The ones I like the best style-wise are the ones that come on Indians and Generals. Cast aluminum, all the switches integrated to one piece. The plastic sliders start to look bad after 10 years.

BJ at handybikes will probably have them, once you pick out a style- they may be on ebay currently in their store.

Re: Best switches

dennis kirk has motorcross and motorcycle stuff, might be able to find something cheap.

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