puch exhaust baffle

will my puch maxi run better with out the baffle in the pipe, its definitly louder and obnoxious but am i getting more power from the freeer flowing exhaust, and is there any damage that can be done from that?

Re: puch exhaust baffle

The baffle that comes stock with the exhaust is there for a few reasons, better gas mileage, less noise, and more back pressure. It's likely that with the removal of the baffle, you may lose some torque or acceleration.(?)



Re: puch exhaust baffle

cold air can get into your cylinder thats not good. you need some backpressure

Re: puch exhaust baffle

it wont hurt anything having the baffle out, but its better just to drill it out.

this is a part of a longer piece i'm writing called '40 mph for 50 $' but its a pretty good explaination of how to drill out the baffle on a Maxi-style exhuast.


hopefully that works...

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