Exhaust full of gas

My 1993 Tomos won't start. Every 10 or so cranks, it sputters for about 5 seconds then dies. I took the stock pipe off and a couple ounces of muddy gas came out of the pipe. Is this a clue as to what my problem is??

Re: Exhaust full of gas

sounds like you spark plug maybe fouled up. Take it off & see if its covered in a nice black resin of carbon. If it is scrap of the carbon/soak in some solvent/gas/carb cleaner, get inbetween the gap with some sand paper & pop it back in & try it again. I would check your intake, but not getting fire seems to be the issue. Git r done...

Re: Exhaust full of gas

this is what's happening with my bike. but the spark seems strong when tested outside of the cylinder. i was thinking that there was something worng with the carb that it was flooding the engine. i should replace that plug though, who knows.

Re: Exhaust full of gas

John Joedicke /

Your float needle valve is not shutting off and your drowning your engine.

Re: Exhaust full of gas

but there's an overflow stem in the carb that should direct overflow out the bottom of the carb. shouldn't that take care of it?

when i got the bike the carb was full of corrosion and nothing in it worked. When i left the petcock in the PRI position, the carb would fill with gas and then overflow through the stem out a tube in the bottom. i cleaned out the carb and fixed the float, and now when I leave it on PRI, no gas leaks out, which makes me think the float valve is shutting off the flow before it overflows. any ideas?


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