Need flywheel puller

Hi...I got a Kriedler and I want to pull the flywheel. The flywheel/magneto looks like the exact same arrangement as my Puch (don't have a flywheel puller for that either). So, does anyone know if these are the same and use the same tool? Anyone have one they want to sell (mopedjunkyard has them for +$20 plus shipping and there are some generic pullers on ebay for a little less). I figure it is 19mm left hand thread? Is that right? Thanks. Jim

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The Puch (Bosch) pullers are a normal right-hand thread.

Why would they need a LH thread?

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It was just a (bad) guess based upon some of the ones that I saw on ebay for various other engines (mostly motorcycles). So, it is the same as the Puch (19mm?)? Thanks.

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James...I contacted HandyBikes about that puller they have on ebay. He said that it was a Dansi/Bosch 14-0501 puller with a 1.5 thread, 20mm diameter/1.0 thread, 18 mm diameter that would NOT work on Puch Maxis or Magnums. He did NOT mention Kriedlers, but he did get back to me in an email the same day. Maybe if you ask re. the Kreidler, he'll provide you same answer. So far, I STILL don't know the proper dimensions for the Puch puller.

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See Ya Moped Army /

Jim, bring that ped over here this weekend and I'll pull it off with my tools.

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Re: Need flywheel puller

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay, I didn't realize there were replies. Thanks for the offers for help. I bought this puller from

I used it and it is well worth it. I only needed the small end but I think the big end might fit my moby someday if I need it to.

Thanks. Jim.

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Thanks for the offer Larry ... see other post below about puller. BTW, I am making decent progress. I have the M19 cleaned up and the motor is about ready to go back on. Gotta still take apart the exhaust and go over the carb. Maybe I'll try to start it this Friday. It is starting to look like this one...


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The other side is for other bosch flyweels, they made different sizes for different engines, example, the puch maxi needs the big side, the sachs 504 the small side, all german mopeds use bosch flyweels so this is an ideal tool to own.

By the way the prices they ask overseas, i live in holland, are really high, over here you can buy these for 3.95Euro, so maybe it can be cheaper if you order them in large ammounts from Europe, grtz, Maarten

Re: Need flywheel puller

Thanks. BTW, I got the Kreidler running today. It ran pretty damn good...excellent acceleration I guess due to the 2 speed. I still have to get the 'battery' up to snuff. I have it taken out of its casing along with the blinker relay and the wiring board which was a little corroded. Does anyone know where I can get one of these batteries? It looks like 5 little cylinders and says NC-Batterie 5/RSX1 6V, 1Ah weideraufladbar gasdicht. Maybe I'll try to take a pic of it. Jim.

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