Grimeca Puch brake shoes

Are those brake shoes readily available? Same as any other moped models shoes? Where? How much? Someone told me they are pricier and rarer than the Leleu brake shoes. Or should I just dump those rims?

Re: Grimeca Puch brake shoes

If you want to dump them give em to me!

Seriously, Grimeca brake shoes for these wheels are available and the same price as lelue stuff. mopedwarehouse has them. They may not be on his site, but he has em. I got a pair a while back for $18 each.

Re: Grimeca Puch brake shoes

A. J. Souza /

Sent an email to Tom above, but for general consumption: Discovered there were two designs for these brake shoes. Both feature a horse-shoe style spring between the arms, but one has a spring which flares out at each end roughly in the same plane as the rest of the spring. The other (mine) has a spring that turns downward in a roughly 90* angle at the ends, setting into two holes on each armature of the shoe. Interchangeable?

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