strange idle issue

bike = 1979 motobecane 50v

carb = dellorto 15/15

i have this weird idle problem. i will be riding along just fine, then come to a stoplight. the bike will idle fine for a little while, then it will slow down, and finally die. to counter this, i will have to open the throttle slightly so it doesn't die.

what could the problem be? i cleaned the carburetor on monday (and it wasn't even clogged; just cleaned it for good measure), so i don't think that's the culprit. also cleaned the air filter (just sprayed carb cleaner through it and then compressed air). the fuel filter looks fine, too.

thanks for your help.

Re: strange idle issue

Sounds like the air mixture screw is out of adjustment. I'm not sure where it would be on a del 15/15 but there's usually an Idle adjust screw and a another.This other ought to be the idle mixture screw. Screw it in completely then back it out 2-3 turns. This should be a good starting point. If it wants to die, turn it out more. If it's revving too high, screw it in. This could also be accounted for a by a idle jet that is too big.




Re: strange idle issue

there is no air mixture screw on my carb, only an idle mixture screw which I have fiddled with already. Hmmm...well I'm going to be completely disassembling my bike this weekend anyway to prepare for painting, so I'll use this opportunity to clean the carb again, and tune up everything else. Hopefully when I reassemble I'll be okay.

Re: strange idle issue

A maladjusted throttle cable or strange angle thereof can interfere w/ idle.Condensation in tank/fuel?

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