My moped eats too much gas


I just mopeded for 20mi (btwn my house and school) today first time. And, I realized that the fuel tank is almost empty although I filled up this morning. My tank's capacity is 0.6 gal. It does not look like the gas was leaking. I have been reading the manuals, but I do not have any clue for this situation. My moped is YAMAHA QT50. Should I bring her to mechanics?

Thank you!

Re: My moped eats too much gas

clean the air filter.

Re: My moped eats too much gas

check for a gas leak

Re: My moped eats too much gas

Thanks for the super quick help.

The air filter actually came off for some reason today (the previous owner might lose the bolt and did not tell me) when I was mopedding. I put duct tape on it just for today, but, of course, it was not perfect at all. I will buy a bolt and clean it up as well. Wow, I was pretty amazed that you knew what was a problem in a sec. Is there any an unusual way to clean up the air filter? Thank you for educating me.

Re: My moped eats too much gas

If it was a previously owned unit you will have to go through the whole bike to make sure that it as not messed with.

Check tthe folloing:

Make sure that the brakes front and rear are not dragging.

Make sure that the choke is coming fully off after warmup.

Check your points and the ignition timing.

Re: My moped eats too much gas

Okay. I will check them this weekend. Thank you very much for your advice!

Re: My moped eats too much gas

first thing i would do is pull the spark plug, and make sure it is the right plug for your modle moped, and while the plug is out look at it, if you don't know how to read your plugs, take a look at the lower half of this page.

or this one.

doing a basic tune up can help reduce your fuel consumption, and improve proformance alot.

a tune up would consist of checking over the entire bike, makeing sure everything moves as it should, cables, wheels, brakes, no binding, grinding or exsesive wear, also oiling cables, and inflating tires, basicly look at each part, poke it with your finger, and ask your self if it looks like it's doing it's job right.

then move on to the engine, starting with where the air goes in thru the air filter, clean the filter, look for leaks and cracks, make sure your choke works right, if it doesn't start, run, and idle right, fix it! then check the other side of the engine, were the exaust comes out, how dirty is your muffler? clean it, some like burning it out, I like useing a soft mallet to shake stuff loose, then rinse it out with paint thiner, or kerosen.

if you have the knolage and specs, checking points and timing can be a great idea, otherwise there is no time like the present to learn, or do like some people do, and take it to a shop, of course most people can safly assume that their timing is correct, unless they go thru everything else I said, and still have problems.

Re: My moped eats too much gas

i just got a qt 50 about a month ago and the gas caps are so old that the ribber gasket inside the cap rotts away and the gas cap will leak. fill up the tank full and put the gas cap and shake the moped to see if gas comes out..

Re: My moped eats too much gas

Even if you get everything perfect, don't expect 120 mpg. I know mopeds are advertised to get 120 mpg, but it just isn't going to happen. The best I could do on my TFR and Tomos ST, both bought new, was about 80 mpg. Peace. Jerry.

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