Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?


I was browsing around the automotive department at Walmart and I noticed a product they had not carried previously: Carb Medic, by GUNK.

GUNK products have a great reputation so I decided to read the spray bottle.

Here's a picture of the bottle:

Turns out it cleans the carb without removing it from the motor. Here is an outline of the directions:

1) Warm up the motor

2) Turn off the motor

3) Remove the air filter

4) Start the moped

5) Spray the product in the intake (where the air filter usually attaches... if I understand correctly) for 30 to 60 seconds. I would also spray it all around the carb, because it probably can't hurt it.

6) Stop the motor and wipe off excess

7) Install air filtration system and you are good to go.

The company offers this description:

"Cleans carburetor, choke linkage and manifold heat controls. Applied by spray to areas to be cleaned. Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Cleans carburetors without removal from engine. Economical. Permits repeated applications from one can. No additional tools or equipment required."

My question to you is: If you tried it, did it work? Should it work, in theory?

P.S. I know I could just remove the carb and "do it myself", but I am in-experienced and would rather not risk screwing anything up.

Thanks for considering my questions and for your help.

Have a happy new year.


Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

I have that stuff, in a arasaol can. Never tried to clean the carb when running, I may try it.

Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

thats what i use when i clean my carb, either that or the gum-out equivelent, i do both w/ the motor running, it may bog your motor down sligthly due to not getting enough air but it will clean it well.

Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

Its just carb cleaner.. Dont use too much of it while the bike is running or you could dry out the cylinder.

Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

That will clean out the slide and throat, but won't clean the main jet, bowl and needle valve where cleaning is needed the most.


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Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

That's a product designed for cleaning new carbs on new bikes or cars, not the thirty year old carbs attached to rusty tanks.


Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

stil doesnt beat taking a carb apart and cleaning it

Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

My tank is plastic so it doesn't rust, so luckily I don't have that to think about.

I would like to remove my carb and clean it though, how complicated is it to remove the carb of an FA50? I'm just afraid of the unknown I guess... I'm afraid I unscrew something that is spring loaded and it flies all over the place and I won't be able to put everything back in it's place.

I'd appreciate it if you could give me instructions that apply specifically to my "moped" (I know, no pedals... noped if you want) :).

Is it worth cleaning manually if I don't have those air pressure hoses? I heard I could do it with one steel mesh from the metal brushes... ?! Is the something I have to be careful with?

Please fill me in so I can stop using these half ass products...

I most likely have to set the idle screw over again after a full clean-up of the carb right?

Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

Don't shop at wal-mart:(

Re: Carb Medic (by GUNK) does/should it work?

you dont need an air compressor. go to autozone or somewhere anc get carb cleaner in a spray can with a straw. go to they might have carb diagrams there. carbs arent that confusing

just dont take the spring off the slide or you migth have a hard time putting it back take out the top where the cable comes in

and take out the lower body portion. turn off your petcock and pull the gas line off

then just take out the bowl. and spray thoroughtly in any crevace. then the tiny hole (the jet) needs to be cleaned. spray throug hthat. and clean the bown so nothing gets sucked into the jet. you should be done. ive only worked with bing carbs for puchs but you should be fine carbs arent too complex

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