Problem starting

I have a mid-80's jawa alicat moped. It runs for a few seconds with carb cl;eaner... but besides that i cannot get it to run. and the carb i sa major pain to get off...i still ahvnt been able to. But i think its not getting fuel. When i turn the pet cock on, no fuel goes down the tube. Air pocket?

-lemme know. Thanks

Re: Problem starting

Hardly. If you take the fuel line off the carb and turn on the petcock you should quickly have a very strong stream of fuel.

Theres a chance the float is stuck in the up position or that its just very clogged and gummed up. Get the carb off and take it apart into individual carburetor molecules, clean them, and put it back together.

Re: Problem starting

Jason Luther /

im sure thats your problem. not the air pocket, but the lack of fuel. start at the full shut-off and work your way to the carb to make sure there are no obstructions

Re: Problem starting

Awesome thanks for the help guys

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