50cc only managing 15MPH


Complete moped newbie here, stuck with a 50cc moped that really doesn't want to do faster than 15MPH even on a straight road. In particular it's a Jinlun 50 (great make yeah I know) and it's brand new. Seeing as I know almost nothing practical about the design of these things, I've no idea where to start looking. What should I check out? Maybe it's just an extreme case of not being worn in correctly, but I'm having trouble imagining that it would create a uniform drop in power to 15MPH on a flat. Going up a hill isn't even worth talking about.

It's worth noting it's still restricted. As the moped didn't even come up listed in this site's moped profiles, here's a link to a site selling parts for it:


Re: 50cc only managing 15MPH

huh. Managed to completely mangle my URL, making me look even more stupid :D Forum needs a preview..


Re: 50cc only managing 15MPH

Is this a moped with pedals? Or is it a scooter?

If it is a scooter you should post this in a scooter forum somewhere else.

Re: 50cc only managing 15MPH

Paul -

I think what you have is a 4-stroke Scooter. Most people here are far more familiar with 2-strokes.

Do you know if this model was imported to the US? All the references I can find are in the UK.

Silverfox -

It's quite easy for a newcomer to the scene to confuse Mopeds and Scooters.

Do a Google image search for "Moped". Half the pictures on the first two pages are not truly Mopeds.

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Re: 50cc only managing 15MPH


Ever heard the phrase "Breaks like a Chinese motorcycle"?

Re: 50cc only managing 15MPH

Yeah, this is a scooter. Nice looking. How many kms on it?

2 stroke or four stroke? What kind of gas are you using? Are brakes sticking?

Troubleshoot the dumb thing!

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