bearing removal?

so i got my flywheel off but now i dont know how to remove the bearings without damaging them, any suggestions?

Re: bearing removal?

are you splitting the cases?

if so you can use a heat gun to heat the case around the bearing and they should just drop out, if they dont just give em a slight tap....if they still dont budge try useing a propane torch to heat around the bearing but be careful not to get the case too hot

Re: bearing removal?

Question: Are you trying to remove the bearings from the crankshaft, or are you trying to remove them from the crankcase?

Why are you trying to save them anyay. New bearings from a bearing store are only $8-$10 each. hy take the chance to rebuild your engine with the possibility of putting bad bearings back in it?

If you are taking the bearings out of the crankcases, just put them in an oven at about 325 degrees for 1/2 hour and they should drop out. If you are removing them from the crankshaft you have to use a puller and will more than likely damage them getting them off.

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