leaky vespa hub (pic)

Is the hub supposed to leak out of where the arrow is pointing to?

Also, the number on the shell is: 990506. Does this mean it is the 30mph version?


Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

I wish I could help, but I can't. I do like your O.C. mousepad though.

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

What year / model of bike is this from?

The arrow is pointing at what looks like a breather hole or weep hole. Can't tell.

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

it's a 1980 vespa si.

I think it's a breather hole, but I'm still trying to find out if the variator geared scooters were speed limited by the gears.

I love my OC mousepad.

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

It's a vent hole. Don't plug it. Correct oil is 80W90.


Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

An sea 80 oil is fine too. The hole you mention is indeed a breater hole. When the hub is built in, you need to fill it until it drips out of the filler hole. In other words, the oil will usually not come out of the breather, unless you are lying on the ground with your ped ;-).

grz Thijs

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

hold the outside of the hub still, spin the inner part, and count how many times the shaft spins around. That's your ratio.

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

It looks like it's 11:1

Is that 30mph?

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

Brian, is that your Ciao? I just got one myself. It makes a pretty nice decoration because it doesn't have any spark yet.

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

Colin, how much oil are you loosing? Is there a chance you maybe over filling it?

If I remember right even back in the day after our new Grandes had a couple thousand miles or so on them they would seep out a little gear oil but we did have them going twice as fast as stock.

I am not exactly sure on that ratio. Most of the Grandes had or have a white sticker on the belt drive side on the sub frame that reads 25 or 30.

If you do a search under preformance tuning using Grande as the key word I believe you will find some very helpful info on that subject.

good luck

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

I think it's just the weephole. I took the hub apart and put new gasket on and let it sit for a couple days so should be all set.

What did you do the vespas to make them go 2x as fast?

Re: leaky vespa hub (pic)

We did alot of things to makem go fast. There is a very long list. I am doing a build up on one very soon and I will keep you posted on the results.

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