puch brakes, wrong ones

ok i have a 1978 puch free spirit and i needed new front and rear brake pads. i went on mopedwarehouse website and ordered their lelue brakes, because they looked right and he said they fit puch mopeds. i got them and went to put them on and theyre the wrong thing, my originals have like a v shaped spring that pushes the pads out, these dont have any spot to put the v thing on, and they have little hooks on the inside and come with 2 little springs. hope i described it good enough, does anyone know if theres anyway to get these new brakes to work on my moped? thanks

Re: puch brakes, wrong ones

See Ya Moped Army /

You should be able to use those brake shoes and springs on your Puch. They're just a different style shoe.

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ok i will try . put brake housing in a vise to hold it. put pads down . ok with spring in hand take the pads and lift both pads up at 45 maybe more of an angle and put springs on hooks. now the hard part. push pads down flat(at the same time with both hands one hand on one pad an other hand on other pad) . they should stay when down flat. look out for the springs they mit fly out on you hit you or get lost. look in resources on this page they have a puch manual that tells you how to put the brakes on.

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kyle, sounds like you have got snowflakes? those pads are different than normal puch brakes.... not interchangable and hard to find.

Re: puch brakes, wrong ones

I am doing a frame up resto on a junked Puch Magnum II. It has the snowflake style wheels and I am having trouble getting working brakes. My first ever venture into moped work...

The rear brake shoes are pretty badly worn but will slow down a rider-ladden bike from about 5 mph to a stop in about half of a city block. The front wheel has no shoes at all, just an empty hub. I guess its a good thing I dont have the engine working yet.

I understand that the spoke and mag style wheels use an 80mm brake shoe set, but this does not seem to be the case for the hubs with the snowflake wheels.

I ordered a "Puch 90mm brakeshoes" from 1997mopeds, but when they arrived they were in fact 80 mm, which I take it would work for the other, more common wheel types, but not for me.

Does any one know if there are some other brakeshoes that I could use on my snowflake style wheels/hubs? And where I might find them?

The picture is the hub and brake assembly


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