Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

After countless hours of messing with my carburetor, the valve seat still gets stuck in the closed position, not letting any gas in. So would it be a good idea to drill the valve seat hole just slightly bigger? When I mean the hole, I don't mean the little tiny hole that lets in gas, just the metal around it. I have a Dewalt drill and a small bit set, will this suffice if accomplishable?

Re: Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

If the float valve is sticking, there is a reason. Make sure the needle is in good condition and that there isnt any corrosion. What I do when one keeps sticking is spray carb cleaner on the needle/hole and move the float up and down with my hand. That usualy seems to work


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Re: Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

Jason Luther /

the valve seat ( where you propose drilling) wont be enough to keep the float stuck. unless the needle is really disfigured. my guess is it is hanging up on something, like the float is bent a little ...

Re: Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

Perhaps its full of gunk that you can't really see - and gummed up.

Re: Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

I've got some chemtool carb cleaner, i'll pour some down and let it stand for an hour or two

Re: Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

William go to Ebay and check Virden Recreation & watersports

they use to have a float set #16013-147-004 thaat would fit a 1982-83 nu50 that float set was used in a lot of honda's even the 2004-2006 crf50 they are out of canada but shipping is only 5.95

Re: Drilling the Valve Seat Hole

NEVER DRILL OUT THAT HOLE!!!!!! ia have done it before. your carb will just spill out gas like nobody;s business!!!! DONT DO IT!!!!

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